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Edmonton Application
Edmonton Application

General Information

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Child Care Providers Staff Certification
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Provider Expectations / Code Of Ethics Contract

NUTRITION: Portions in Accordance with Canada Food Guide

Length of time in care Meal or snack Required
2 to 4 hours 1 snack
4 to 6 hours 1 meal and 1 snack
6 to 8 hours 1 meal and 2 snacks
More than 8 hours of care 2 meals 2 snacks
  • Snack: 2 Food Groups
  • Meal: 3 Food Groups

Menus will be available to parents daily. Children must be seated while eating and drinking. No beverages during napping.


  • Go outside at least once a day
  • Field trip at least once a month. Some suggestions are:
    • Local play groups
    • Public library
    • Rhymes that bind
    • Community Programs - Green shack (summer months)
    • Local parks
    • Monthly Quality Enhancement group workshops
    • Cow Bus
  • Multi-cultural experiences such as music, art, literacy and dress up
  • Children's artwork displayed in the home, some displayed at children's eye level
  • Messy play offered to the children at least once a week
  • Maximum of 30 minutes of TV/computer viewing a day
  • Minimum of 5 play spaces accessible to children
    • Quiet Area
    • Building Area
    • Dramatic Area
    • Creative Area
    • Gross Motor
  • Monthly enhancement of dayhome environment (books, posters, toys, art supplies)
  • Allow consultants to engage the children in a creative activity during the monthly consultant support visit


  • Use communication strips or communication books for daily, written communication with parents
  • Keep and update regularly a portfolio for each child to record developmental progress
  • Do regular developmental screening for children in care


  • Attend at least 3 training sessions per year, (i.e: quality enhancement home visit, monthly quality enhancement group workshops, provider conference, community courses)
  • Complete monthly training
    • Standard 5A training
    • Family Child Care Training
    • Little Warriors Training must be completed within the first 3 months of your approval as a Family Dayhome Provider
    • Discuss training options with your Child Care Consultant once above training is complete


  • Consider Dress code and Personal hygiene
    • Be dressed for the day before children arrive
    • Personal hygiene: hair washed, combed/groomed, be discreet with scents
  • Home clean and organized (i.e: carpets vacuumed, carpets steamed cleaned twice a year or more if needed, floors are clean, dishes washed after meals, toys organized)
  • Maintain smoke free environment
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding: children/families/providers
    • Maintain gossip-free environment
  • Provide as much notice to parents as you can if you are not available to look after the children
  • During Interview process:
    • Make parents feel welcome
    • Set out toys and activities for the children
    • Interact with the children
    • Show parents your programming, menu plan and routine schedule
    • Turn off television
    • Provide a snack with nutritional value


  • Promote the health and development of all children and respect the unique qualities and diversity of each individual by incorporating cultural sensitivity into all aspects of the dayhome.
  • Program activities that facilitate social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth.
  • Work in partnership with parents and CDDH staff to support the well-being of the children (by respecting that the parents have the primary responsibility for their children's well-being).
  • Pursue on an ongoing basis the knowledge, skills, and self awareness needed to maintain integrity and professional competence within the dayhome.

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