From Parents

Aimee - "We are so happy that we found Aimee's Dayhome. As first-time parents, it wasn't easy for us to transition Maya (at the time less than 1 year old) into the care of someone else, but Aimee was very welcoming and accommodatingand very soon we felt at ease leaving Maya with her. Maya loves Aimee and playing with the other kids at her Dayhome. When Aimee opens her door in the morning, Maya starts laughingand wiggling in our arm and the second we put her down she crawls off. One weekend, we did all the things that Aimee usually does with the kids (crafting, going outside, playing with beans/water, snack time, etc...) and we felt so exhausted in the evening :D Aimee has so much energy and always a smile for us and Maya and we couldn't be happier. Thank you!" -Manuela

Annie - "Annie has literally changed our lives. Dawson has grown (personality wise and intelligence wise) so much, it is unbelievable. Annie is always so excited to tell us about Dawson's day. She tells us funny stories and has a little laugh about them with us. She genuinely loves our son and treats him like he is one of hers. His vocabulary has grown immensely in the last 3 months. He is 2 years and 3 months old and he is using 5 to 6 word sentences, and stringing sentences together to have a mini conversation, as well as using words or sentences in the proper context. All I can say is, WE LUCKED OUT finding Annie. We couldn't ask for a better person to watch our son. I truly am so grateful for her. And have nothing but great things to say about her." -Terra

Aklima - Romeo has been at Aklima’s Dayhome for four months and I see a huge improvement in Romeo’s learning and his ability to do stuff on his own. He is also talking more frequently and clearly. Aklima is a very kind lady who works hard to provide the best care for the kids at her dayhome. I am very happy and satisfied with the care she is giving Romeo and I will highly recommend her to other parents. -Toby

Aklima - Since starting at Aklima’s Dayhome, Ruvae has come along way. She has learned so much. She knows her colours, numbers and can sing her ABC’s. Ruvae feels at home and part of the family when she is at Aklima’s, which puts my mind at ease while I’m at work. Being an only child she also has learned social skills interacting with the other dayhome children. I appreciate and am very satisfied with
everything Alkima does for Ruvae and I. -Ronelle

Aklima - Aklima is a wonderful and experienced Dayhome Educator. She helps to engage children’s creativity with regular craftwork. She teaches the children to interact positively with each other and she encourages them to be independent. -Andrew & Esohe

Armida - "Amy is very patient and kind. She is always happy to see Kingston and has been working through his transition to one nap which has gone very well. She always tells me everything that happened throughout the day and keeps me informed about any issues or concerns she may have. I appreciate how passionate she is and it's reassuring to me as a parent that my son has a home away from home!" - Kat

Ashley - "We couldn't be happier with Ashley. I love that she's so interactive with Dmitry. She also spends time teaching him new things. I never have to worry about a thing while Dmitry’s at her dayhome. I'm very happy and thankful we have her for childcare." - Sasha

Claudia - "As a new mom returning to work, our family was pretty worried about our first week back to our ‘new normal’. Claudia went above and beyond to ensure Dominic had a great first week. Because of Claudia, this week has been worry free for our family and enjoyable for all of us. We are extremely impressed with our decision to go with Child Development Dayhomes and our provider Claudia.." - Nicole and Shawn

Darcie - "I have nothing but good things to say about Darcie and the Dayhome. Myah loves being there and has learned so much in just the short time she has been going. She comes home and makes us laugh showing us the things she is learning. It makes me smile knowing she is happy , learning lots and making friends."  -Ginette

Daisy - "I just wanted everyone to know what a wonderful person Daisy is. My boys adore her, as do my husband, my mother and myself. Daisyline is an amazing individual. She takes every opportunity to make my children feel special and important, as well as having special days and events for families. A few Friday’s ago, we had a wonderful Grandparents Day celebration that brought my mom to tears. Songs, poems, thoughtful trinkets...she always thinks of everything. She’s such a gem." -Jaimie

Darcie - "My husband and I are so thrilled with our provider, Darcie! Our daughter started last November, and it was a tough transition. In addition to being home full time with me for over 2 years, our daughter got a bad cold in the first month. Darcie was nothing but patient and kind with 'Key' as she had to start, take a few days, and restart Dayhome. Since then our daughter comes home happy each day, having been well cared for and engaged in lots of great play and activities. We could not be happier with all Darcie does to make 'Key' happy and her communication with us! Thank you Darcie!" -Lori and Dan

Delanie - "Delanie has only been caring for our boys for a few months but in such a turbulent time in our lives her support has been absolutely essential! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of her hard work. She is such a warm and caring person and my boys are doing so well with her that it warms my heart. Our older son in particular really responds to the caring environment she creates and we simply cannot say enough great things about her! The peace of mind we get knowing that our children are cared for so well by someone so loving and generous is worth every penny and then some. Thank you Delaine from the bottom of our hearts." - Kathrine and Stephen

Gloria - "We just wanted to say how wonderful Gloria is with Chase. She has made my transition back to work so much easier because he is always so happy to see her. She is great." -Erin and Jeff

Grace - "Grace I want you to know what a big difference you are making in Hudson’s live. Hudson loved it at your place from day one. It is the perfect environment for him. We saw Hudson grow leaps and bounds in the very first week he was there and we continue to see big developmental changes thanks to your work with him. The other children are also amazing and welcomed Hudson with open arms. They often cheer and give him hugs when he arrives which makes him feel really special. We are so grateful that he’s excited to go there every day. Thank you!" -Billie-Rae

Hina C -"My kids love Hina and her dayhome. They are always super excited about going to her dayhome every day. She is doing an amazing job. I'm always at peace knowing that my kids are with her. She takes good care of them, always engaging them with fun kid appropriate activities. Before my kids started attending daycares, I was always worried about their safety but all that fear went away after they started at Hina's. I have no reservations for recommending her to anyone that needs a dayhome." -Uju

Hina - "I am so please with everything that Hina does with my children and always feel totally comfortable leaving them with her when I go to work. Hina is so wonderful and is the best thing that has ever happened for us." -Dolapo

Jazmine - "Jazmine has been really great in taking care of our children.  Our son and daughter started in her dayhome last summer and they enjoyed it so much.  They were out most of the time and we are sure they had so much fun because they look forward to going to dayhome everyday.  Now, only our daughter goes to Jazmine’s dayhome because our son is in school.  Just today, we told our daughter we will drop her off at preschool and we were surprised with her response.  She wanted us to drive her to dayhome instead coz she wanted Ms. Jazmine to drive her to preschool.  She then told us how fun it is in the dayhome.  And we have also noticed that our daughter is learning a lot.  We are amazed at her counting skills and her expanding knowledge in general.  We know that this comes from Jazmine’s ability to incorporate lessons in their games and in their outings.  We’d also like to add that Jazmine does not limit the learning to indoor experiences only, she brings the kids outside often, something that we wish we could do during work days.   Thank you so much Jazmine for filling in for us as parents.  We have always seen how genuinely  you take care of our children.  There has never been an unselfish act by you and the kids' welfare is always your priority.  We appreciate you." -Carlo and Emily

Jaya - "I want you to know just how much I appreciate the love and care you have shown to Caleb, especially this last year when we’ve had tough times. It has made my life so much easier knowing he was being cared for by someone who seemed to genuinely love him and who he loved too. Knowing that he’s well cared for everyday really helps me to be able to go to work each day and give my best, because I don’t have to worry about him and I know he’s having fun." -Charlene 

Kanushka - "Kanushka has loved and cared for my children as if they were her own.  She has  been instrumental in them both becoming the amazing little people they are.  From  helping them learn to walk, potty training, social skills and learning their letters and numbers.  She has raised those two kids alongside their father and I and she is just as responsible for their development as we have been.  Her dedication to the children in her Dayhome is unheard of as far as I am concerned.  I cannot recall a day in the last 6 years that she has been sick or that her Dayhome has been closed without lots of notice.  My kids were always excited to go spend the day at Kanushka’s and never wanted to leave when I went to pick them up.  We would not have been able to succeed the way we have in our professional careers if we did not have the peace of mind knowing our kids were in the best place they could be during the days.  Her husband and sons are just like Kanushka, the loveliest of people and our kids developed relationships with the whole family that we will cherish. We have been so blessed to have Kanushka in our lives and we are going to miss her terribly.  I have referred Kanushka to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so, anyone would be very lucky to have her as their Childcare Provider." -Harris Family

Julie G - "Our girls, Syiennah and Savannah have been going to Julie’s dayhome for almost 8 years now and we are so lucky we found Julie. She has been wonderful to our girls and we never worry when we take them to her Dayhome as we know they are always in good hands and well taken care of. Julie also has great activities that she does with the children in her Dayhome. I love receiving the Mother’s Day homemade crafts each year and have kept them all. Such wonderful keepsakes for the future. We are very fortunate that we have had someone as wonderful as Julie taking care of our girls." -Amanda

Katie H. -"Our girls love it at Katie’s dayhome and so far with our youngest the transition has been very smooth. She does so much with the girls from arts and crafts to taking them on lady bug hunts and building bug houses. My eldest Hannah loves all of the organized play and outings. Katie updates us with an APP called Brightwheel with pictures and little blurbs which make me smile as well. It’s wonderful to get that information during nap time as to how their morning is going. She puts so much work into creating a learning and fun environment for the kids. We are lucky to have found somewhere so wonderful!" -Rose

Katie H. - "Katie has been great! I love that she is always engaging the kids in fun and different activities. I love seeing her updates and pictures throughout the day on their fun adventures and how Josh is eating, sleeping, etc. Josh enjoys going. I have asked him a few times "what was your favourite thing you did today?" and he always answers "Miss Katie" She is so sweet, that she even tried to get another playmate that would be a little boy and the same age as my son - Nothing but glowing comments here!" - Melanie

Margaret - "We would like to say thank you to Margaret and her family for being the best second family for Kourtney. We have noticed so many new things that Kourtney has learned being under her care. She has taught her good manners at an early age and that matters a lot to us as parents. Margaret has showed her the power of sharing things and she applies it at home. For example: she got a pack of M&M's then she started giving them to everybody around her before she started nibbling on hers. As parents, we feel blessed to be one of those who don't have to worry every time we drop her off in the morning and she always has a happy face every time we pick her up. We look forward to discovering what she has learned new for the day. We may not say it a lot of times but we are very happy and thankful at the same time to have Margaret and her family looking after our little Kourtney!" -Christine and Jarrod

Marietta - "I just wanted to let you and everybody know how much I appreciate the wonderful care that you have been providing for my two kids. Even though it's difficult to be away from them while I’m at work, you really put my mind at ease and have shown me that my kids are in great hands. I can tell how much they love and enjoy being in your Dayhome. Your loving care and hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you!"  -Yvette

Marilou - "Marilou has been very patient and attentive and she makes Sara feel safe and welcome at her home. Sara likes to play with the other Dayhome children and Marilou’s own children when they are not in school. Marilou tries to keep them all engaged and Sara seems to be enjoying all of the activities at the Dayhome. I would like to take this opportunity to commend Marilou for the patience and all the hard work she has put in caring for Sara. She has been very flexible and adapted well to Sara’s and our family’s needs." - Milena

Mehreen - "Mehreen has been fantastic!! She is so warm and inviting and Mack loves his time in her home. She always gives us updates and it seems that they are always keeping busy with different toys, games and music and outings to the park. Mack is doing new gestures like blowing kisses and saying more and more words all the time since going to Mehreen's Dayhome. She also checks in over the weekend if he isn't feeling well. We can tell she really cares about Mack and we are so grateful for her." - Amber and Jerred

Naomi - "Naomi is amazing with the kids, and I feel so lucky to have her watch Kade while I am working. It's not just a job to her, she actually loves all the kids in her Dayhome and it shows, and the kids love her. I love seeing her updates on StoryPark and all the activities she does with them. My son, Kade, always tells me all about his fun days at Naomi's Dayhome. Naomi has such a warm, kind, kid-friendly personality. She knows how to connect with the kids and talk to them, in a way I don't think many people can. She is so patient and caring and super reliable - she has had one sick day in the almost 5 years I have been with her! She's always there. She's so attentive to the kids. The children all just absolutely love her. Watching her communicate with them, I am just in amazement. I personally don't think I could connect with every child the way she does. She is truly gifted in that sense. I just appreciate her, who she is as a person, the work she does, and the love she has for all the kids that come through her Dayhome. She is honestly one of the best. I cannot say enough good things about her! I trust her 100% and I feel lucky to have found her and have her as Kade's Dayhome Educator." -Céline

Nina - I appreciate the creative and unique outings Nina does with the children... eg., science centre, zoo, taking them sledding. I love that she values outdoor time and nature, which is very important to us a a family. I also love that she takes he time to know our children as people. She knows their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses. She also goes above and beyond the call of duty at times... when I was sick and my husband was out of town, Nina picked up the boys from our house. My children appreciate how Nina makes them feel loved and like important members of her family. - Amanda

Rosa - "I would love to give compliments to Rosa. As a first time parent, it was natural for me to be nervous about leaving our daughter with anyone. Emma has loved going to the Dayhome since day one! Rosa is so loving and has made going back to work stress free! We couldn't ask for a better care taker for Emma!" -Janet

Rosalie - "We are so pleased with the care Rosalie has provided for our daughter Clara. It’s lovely to get daily photos of all their activities and meals. The education she offers the children has surpassed our expectations and her positive and fun loving attitude is contagious. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you!" -Warren and Rachelle

Saima I. - "Saima has been an excellent care provider for both our kids. We first met her in 2011 when my husband and I were looking for a dayhome for our daughter. Being first time parents leaving our little baby at a stranger's house was a daunting task. Saima made this transition incredibly easy. She has a very positive attitude and is very helpful. She always shares information about the kids, what activities they are busy with, what food they ate, she also shares pictures and little videos. When it was time to look for a dayhome for our son in 2015, Saima's dayhome was an easy choice. She makes us feel like family and genuinely cares for the kids. We have peace of mind knowing that our son will be taken care of the same way as his sister. We are incredibly happy and thankful for all the effort Saima puts in keeping her home a happy healthy and safe environment for our son." - Arooj

Saima I. - "I would like to express my appreciation for what Saima does. I am very pleased with the care Cayden is receiving from Saima. She is not only extremely caring, she is very mindful of Caydens' personal needs with proper guidance from herself. Cayden is very fond of Saima and enjoys his time there, he has taken a great role of being a big brother type to the infants in Saima's care, and I'm very pleased with how gentle and expressive he has become towards the other younger children." -Nicole

Saima - "Our entire family would like to send a very big “thank you” to Saima for her wonderful, kind, patient, and reliable care that she has given our baby daughter. We are so fortunate to have found her and trust our baby with her. We appreciate Saima’s calm approach, while also enriching Nela’s day with crafts, outdoor water fun, musical activities, story time, and different kinds of play. We love that Saima always keeps my husband and I as involved as possible throughout the days with photos and notes and is so collaborative in her approach. We feel that Nela is in the safest and most nurturing environment with her. She is a gift to our family and we consider her part of our family. Thank you so much Saima for the loving care you provide to our baby, it is hard to put into words just how much we value you and your family!!!" - Michaela, Pavel and baby Nela

Vicky -" Vicky is amazing! She has been an extension of family for my 3 year old Sidonie! I have noticed a positive shift in Sidonie’s behaviour thanks to Vicky’s caring, intentional approach. Sidonie often asks to see “Mickey” aka Vicky when she is not there and enjoys her Dayhome very much!" -Marin

"I am so grateful for this agency and my providers. I have never had to worry about my daughter and the care she receives. It has taken the guess work out of so many things for my husband and I. We are so happy." - Marcy

"You have made my transition back to work so much easier. - Joanne

"I have had a wonderful and positive experience thus far. First child, first time using a day home and found the initial steps very overwhelming and emotional. The agency and my provider have helped tremendously during this challenging transition time." - Sherry

"I go to work every day with the peace of mind that my children are happy, healthy and well cared for. That means more to me than I can say. Thank you! - Andrea

"Thank you for your dedication and expertise in supporting my son's growth and development. It is very much appreciated!" -Lorie

"We feel so much support from the agency and our provider in comparison to the previous agency we were with. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and dedication." -Katie

From Dayhome Educators

"I am writing this email to thank you and all the wonderful Consultants whom I have worked over the years for supporting and educating me in running my Dayhome. Yes, It has been 10 years now since I opened my Dayhome back in 2007. I would especially like to mention all the workshops that you conducted and the appreciation nights that you offered for the Providers. These were all great events and helped me immensely in shaping me in who I am today. Please convey my message to all the wonderful ladies as well. This is greatly appreciated." -Saima

"I love the Agency! I have been with Child Development Dayhomes for 12 years. There are so many benefits and lots of support. And I love that they handle all of the paperwork with parents! My insurance is only $16 a month, and the subsidy availability for parents is a must, I have not been down a child for more than a month with the agency, they keep me full." - Jill

"I am very proud and happy to be a provider with Child Development Dayhomes. I love that I am able to connect with other dayhome providers too. I see another provider weekly at a playgroup. I think it is important for the providers to have opportunities to share ideas and connect with others in our field." -Jody

"CDDH is well known and has a strong presence on-line. That helps me keep my day home full." -Crystal

"To all The staff of Child Development Dayhomes of Alberta, I just want to thank you all for an outstanding job last night at the lecture on “Talking So Kids Will Listen”. I was extremely impressed with the openness and warmth of your staff as they greeted me and also with the displays around the room. I enjoyed the speaker immensely as she was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and seemed to try to include everyone. I have attended many lectures and I just wanted to make sure you all knew what a great job you did and that I had a wonderful time. And the treats on the table and winning a door prize didn’t hurt either!! Thanks again for a wonderful night." -Krista

"A great big thank you to all of the staff at CDDH. I have been a dayhome provider with the agency for eight years and appreciate all that you have done for me." -Rozmin

 "Tami is my childcare consultant. I find her extremely friendly, approachable and very good at what she does! If I have questions/concerns, I feel she represents me well and will be supportive. I am looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Tami and Child Development Dayhomes."