Outside in Spring

By Stephanie Eke, Dayhome Educator

Today was an especially exciting day because a lot of bugs were finally coming out due to the Spring season. Keirnan was very happy to see the ants. He thought they were spiders! He was very intrigued by them and immediately wanted to stomp on them and chase them. Oliver didn't like them as much.

Keirnan was still very focused on the ants and spiders while Oliver was making castles with the sand! Keirnan was still trying to get Oliver to go with him but he was having too much fun!

We tried a new game. They got a ring toy and the goal was to put it on a branch of a tree. It was a really challenging game but they still managed to get it done! Keirnan was really good at getting it on the tree and Oliver was struggling to get there but that didn't stop him. 

Later, I gave him a smaller branch to put his own ring on. He was so happy when he finished the job!

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