Rock Hunt

Learning Story by: Richa Khosla, Dayhome Educator

We went for a rock hunt outside today with our Domino shape cards. “Look I found a triangle rock," "I have a heart shaped rock,“  “I have seen a striped heart for the first time...“ We were so amazed to see the different shapes of rocks outside. The children enhanced their cognition as they matched the rocks to the shapes. We found out some rocks had a very rough texture and holes in them. Audrey explored the different shapes outside along with her friends. Engaging in this co-inquiry process with children enhanced my assumptions about rocks. Who might have thought of heart and diamond rocks? 

When we came inside, Audrey explored the shape cards using her fingers to make shapes. We played a game where Audrey matched the shape cards with similar shapes we found around in the dayhome.

"Co-inquiry is a learning and research process that helps educators to co-construct knowledge with children. It involves observation and documentation, reflection and interpretation, and planning and taking action." -FLIGHT Framework, pg. 86 

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