Caring and Sharing

By CDDH Consultant, Jennifer Bedford

Today I brought pool noodle blocks to play with. While the children were stacking them, Grace was untangling yarn from another activity. Jonathan saw the yarn and had an idea. He decided to string the pool noodles along the yarn. It was a bit tricky to get the yarn through the noodle. Sophie watched Jonathan and offered her help. After his hard work he tied it into a necklace. He gave Sophie the necklace and put it around her neck. She was grateful and said thank you.

Learning Dispositions

• We care about one another

• We take turns, listen to and engage with each other

• We are persisting. We continue with challenges and try new strategies.


Curriculum Connections

• Persevering and persisting

• Caring for others

• Growing in their awareness that their actions contribute to the well-being of others

• Developing a sense of fair play

• Giving help, comfort and encouragement and valuing others contributions

• Learning about and participating in projects that help others

Now What?

How can you help children share their thoughts, feelings and ideas?

How do you model your own persistence?

In what ways do you think adult ideas of caring overshadow children’s natural disposition to care?

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