Exploring Temperature

By May Ann Zaballa, Dayhome Program Educator

There are dinosaurs trapped in the ice. They needed to be free from the freezing cold. Ethan, Luke, Deklin, Hunter and Meyer need to do something to help those dinosaurs.

Their first option was to break the ice. Each of them used tools to crack it. They were able to break some but the ice seemed to be so hard that they could not take the dinos out.

I asked the kids what they could do in order to melt the ice so they could pull out the dinos? Ethan said they needed some warm material to melt the ice. And so they went to the sink and ran it under warm water.

Deklin was so happy they finally set those dinos free!

Learning Tags: 

-Children learn about the properties of objects

-Children learn to employ creative approaches to identifying and working out practical problems

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