Fall Fun

By CDDH Provider, Ling Feng, ECE

Fall is colourful and is a great time to make raking leaves fun for kids. We raked the leaves into a big pile and collected some in buckets. Later, we will bring them inside for crafts and laminate them to keep them longer.


We enjoyed throwing the leaves up in the air and at each other.


We loved jumping in and walking through the pile, while feeling and hearing the crunch of leaves under our feet.


Let's bury each other!


We made a leaf chart, arranging the leaves by colour and shape.

We built nests out of leaves and sticks.


We felt the difference between dry and wet leaves. Phillip said, "The dry leaf is crunchy because it dropped for a long time."


We put the leaves in the water basin. Phillip said, "They are floating!" Sarah said, "They are swimming!"

We made leaf prints in different colours.

We pressed leaves against playdough.

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