Ice Cube Painting

By Rayna Frank, Dayhome Educator

We kick started this week with a super fun painting activity! I mixed water based paints with a little extra water, popped them in the freezer with one popsicle stick per slot and ended up with these awesome ice cube paints! I rolled out a big sheet of brown packing paper over top of the dining room table, secured it with a few pieces of tape and let the kids get wild with the paints. It ended up being a really fun and interesting experience. When we discussed our observations, we noticed that as the cubes melted the colors became more concentrated and vibrant. This was something that encouraged a lengthy play-time with this particular activity because almost everyone was very eager to get the brightest color possible. I also opted to add in wax crayons to demonstrate a super fun wax/paint texture technique to make the experience a little more interesting once things started to melt.

Here is a quick list of why this was one of the best activities that I've done with this group so far!

- Great sensory stimulation. Bright colors AND cold sensation.

- Great science conversation. Solids to liquids. Why do things melt?

- Great way to use up bottles of paint that are on their last legs. Squeeze all of the product out as possible.

The final result!

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