Investigating and Exploring

By CDDH Consultant, Jennifer Bedford

Child: Pranjol
Age: 17 months

You looked closely at the content in each bottle. When you were ready to explore the different bottles, you pointed and said “More!” You quickly finished exploring the blue gel bottle. I wonder why you did not find it interesting. Could it be because the beads didn’t move? You seemed to enjoy putting the bottles in the drink holder. You looked proud when it fit. Then you continued to pick it up and put it back in the holder.

What does this mean?

Infants are mighty learners and citizens. When given opportunities to play and explore, we can see the learning dispositions through their play. Pranjol is curious, full of wonder and exploring with his senses. He is making plans and decisions about his play while building his fine motor capacities. He is testing his powers of observations, being persistent and engaging with others.


What next?

How can you extend children’s curiosity, wondering and questioning? How do you invite children’s questions and curiosity through active whole body and sensory experiences?u.

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