Making Organic Cherry Popsicles

By Mahbuba Sultani, Dayhome Program Educator

Picking Sour Cherries

Anya, Mikey and Max have decided to pick some sour cherries off our cherry tree to make popsicles and to eat some too. Mikey is excited to hold the container as I pick it. The cherries are cleaned, washed, seeded, cooked and set to cool down for tomorrow. In this activity the children learned where the food comes from and what it takes to prepare it. There is more learning to come tomorrow.


Making Cherry Popsicles

The cooked cherries with added sugar is completely chilled over night and it is time to add other ingredients such as banana, milk and yogurt to it. All the ingredients are blended together to get a smooth texture. After the ingredients passed the smell and taste test and got the thumbs up, it is poured into the popsicle containers ready to go to the freezer. It smelled good and tasted sweet and sour but delicious to David while it tasted like yummy delicious like some medication to Anya and Max. Mikey described it as yummy and delicious in my tummy while rubbing his tummy. Still more to come when we eat the yummy popsicles.

Eating our Sour Cherry Popsicles

Here are our sour cherry popsicles that taste "ummmm" as David and Mikey describe it!

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