Celebrating Mother's Day

By Laura Duran, Dayhome Program Educator
Originally posted to StoryPark on May 13, 2021

It was sad that you moms have not been able to enjoy the celebration of face to-face Mother's Day, but what makes me happy is that we were able to do the activities that I had planned for you to enjoy. Thank you very much for your time and dedication! The first thing was to plant a little plant in a pot the kids decorated by themselves. First I placed the pot, colored paint and brushes for them to make their own design. Celeste was the most detailed in making rainbows, clouds and ladybugs, using different colors to make her design. Darwin only wanted to make ladybugs and they were beautiful! Lincoln, Avery and Alinka made a very nice design with the mixture of colors. We then put soil to plant the plant. The plant likes water a lot and grows a lot! Mommies you can change the pot and the plant will change color in the sun!!!

The next activity was to practice a song in Spanish for the moms. The song was "the chicks say pio, pio, pio." Every day we practiced and they learned it very wel!! When it was time to do the show, it had to be online and they sang and danced the song very well!!! Of course, in the end they asked me for their chocolate egg with a surprise inside that I had already read and promised if they did a good job hahaha!

The moment of the show.

The last activity was for the moms to participate with their children by making a craft, painting a little house, but it could not be done in person. I had to send the materials to their homes so they could do it there with their children. We made an appointment for Zoom to be able to do it together and not lose the reason to share beautiful moments.

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