Nature-inspired Sensory Soup

By Parveen, Dayhome Educator

I noticed that Shyraa had lots of fun playing with water yesterday, so I decided to make a nature inspired spring sensory soup with Shyraa and Arnav. I told Shyraa and Arnav that we were going to make nature’s soup today. They were both excited and I told them that I would be taking them outside for a nature walk to collect some natural materials. So we all got ready and stepped out of the house. I gave Shyraa and Arnav small plastic buckets so that they could collect their natural materials in them to make nature’s soup. Shyraa and Arnav started collected natural materials like rocks, flowers, flower petals, some leaves and some soft twigs in the front yard. When they were done collecting the natural materials in the front yard, I took Shyraa and Arnav for a small nature walk in the neighbourhood. They both got busy plucking some leaves, weed, grass and flowers and dandelions on our way. They were excited while filling their buckets with natural materials.

When they were done collecting natural materials of their choice, we all went home. I took Shyraa and Arnav to the washroom and we all washed our hands. Then I took a plastic bin and filled it halfway with water. I took some cooking tools like tongs, ladles, some strainers, potato masher and Corelle bowls too and we all went on the deck. I spread a plastic sheet on the deck and placed that plastic bin on the plastic sheet. I put some cooking tools in a wooden tray and placed that wooden tray too beside the plastic bin. Shyraa and Arnav at once sat on the plastic sheet and they were in a hurry to make the nature’ s sensory soup. They both dumped the buckets that were filled with natural materials into the plastic bin and all those leaves, flowers, grass and weeds started floating on the water. Then they picked up a cooking tool of their choice and had lots of fun stirring and mixing the natural materials in the plastic bin.

To make the soup more attractive, we squirted a few drops of red food colour in the sensory bin. Shyraa and Arnav were delighted and they started picking all the natural materials up with ladles and strainers and had fun transferring the soup into the bowls. Shyraa and Arnav loved stirring the nature’s soup with the ladles and pouring the soup into the plastic buckets too. They both had fun exploring the natural materials and picking the rocks up with the tongs. Shyraa and Arnav enjoyed squishing the natural materials with the potato masher and loved splashing water on each other. Their faces were full of happiness.

That nature’s spring sensory soup activity gave kids an opportunity to explore different shapes, textures and colours. They both were busy pouring the nature’s soup with the ladles into the bowls and plastic buckets and had fun dumping it back into the plastic bin. They enjoyed lots of stirring, mixing, pouring, transferring. and splashing. During that activity Shyraa and Arnav both got wet and at the end, I helped both of them to change their clothes and washed their hands and faces. These activities help children develop their fine motor and sensory skills as their hand eye co-ordination. Resources: natural materials like flowers, flower petals, grass, rocks, weed, leaves, twigs, dandelions, plastic bin, water, ladles, tongs, potato masher, wooden tray.

Learning tags from Flight Framework:

Children are active co-constructors of knowledge through first-hand experiences and in reciprocal relationships with people and things in the environment.

Children are unique learners who construct and represent knowledge using multimodal literacies for exploration and expression.

Children practice democratic decision-making, making choices in matters that affect them.

Children take responsibility for personal care.

I/we are wondering and are curious.

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