The Ocean

By Josipa Mantancevic Gugic, Dayhome Program Educator

During story time, we read a picture book about Smiley Shark, a short, exciting story about sea animals, their relationships, differences, friendships, helping and socializing.

Along the way, we learned about animals that live in the ocean.

Afterwards, the children studied the basket with natural materials, pine cones, rocks, wooden parts, cinnamon sticks and a lot of different shapes of sea shells, which they immediately connected to the story. Emma emptied the basket on the table and the children quickly gathered around to see.

Emily found a larger shell and leaned it against her ear and listened. She said she heard the ocean. Then she let her colleagues listen to the same and they pretended to hear sounds.

The children researched the contents of the basket. Magnifiers and flashlights gave them an even better experience.

Maureen was stacking wooden cubes and Darian was making seafood soup. Reon is making excellent progress with speaking and loves to learn new words. During the day, she spoke and learned new words by listening to what we were talking about.

With new books and stories, the children experienced some new situations, learned about new knowledge and connected them into the reality of life.

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