Snow Theme - Indoor Activities During a Cold Week

By CDDH Provider, Ling Feng, ECE

We made ice in a Popsicle mold. I filled up hot water in the bowl so that the ice can pop up from the mold. The children pushed down the ice and it popped up again.


Phillip and Sarah sprinkled Jell-O on the paper and used the ice popsicle to push the powder around and create a really neat Jell-O Art design.


We froze small toy dinosaurs in the ice. The children used mallets to break the ice to free the dinosaurs. Phillip and Sarah both said it was hard work!


Phillip and Sarah mixed Jell-O. Korben wanted to help out too.


They poured the Jello-O into the clean baby food jars. When they were finished, they put the lids on.


Next, they placed the Jell-O jars on top of the snow that I brought in from outside. I asked them what would happen to the Jell-O if we left it in the cold snow. Sarah answered, “I don’t know”. Phillip answered, “It will turn to ice and it will be frozen.”


Every so often, the children would check on the Jell-O to see if it had frozen or not.

Phillip asked me to get magnifying glasses to see the Jell-O more closely. When I handed him one, he put it in front of the Jell-O and said, “Oh, It’s frozen!!! It’s too interesting!!” Sarah said after him, “Yeah, it’s frozen! Can I bring it home?”

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