By Josipa Matancevic-Gugic, Dayhome Program Educator

With warmer weather, insects appeared. They are very interesting to children. They look for them, they observe them, they touch them, they are afraid of them, they would gladly touch them.

Today they went for a walk with the intention of catching a spider in a small container and they succeeded. They guarded the spider very carefully, taking care not to shake it or injure it. Every now and then they would stop to check to see if he was moving. Everyone was interested in caring for the spider. They hung out with him all day. They left him to rest while they went to rest.

When they woke up they ran downstairs to see if the spider was still alive. They wondered if he was hungry, thirsty and if he was sleepy. They just didn't want to talk about releasing him. After the break, they painted a spider on paper. Little by little through the conversation we came up with the idea that the spider wants to go home to his family and that they could release him when they go home. They agreed with the idea. Emily let him out as Darian went home. They wanted to find a new daily pet tomorrow as well.

Insects are all around us. Children notice them and show great interest in them. They are a good example to us of how we can learn about nature. What do insects serve, where do they live, what do they do, what do they feed on, are they dangerous to humans, how do we treat them? Through this way of learning, children can develop various interests such as science, biology and nature conservation. We will be dealing with insects for some time to come and we will extend this topic to various activities. Tomorrow we will watch some educational videos and look for some other species during the walk.

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