Summer Project

By Lenie Dela Cruz, Dayhome Program Educator

Last summer, we had done a tremendous amount of renovations to our backyard. We couldn't have done it as fast as we did without the help of our little helpers! The children were always hands-on with helping, whether it was pulling the garden bricks out of the grass or raking the excess wood pieces out of the grass. Anica fell on her bottom at one point moving the bricks and they all started cracking up! The silliest kids! Because the kids were so good with co-operation and determination finishing the barbecue and shed space, Lolo wanted to give them something back in return. He made them each a wooden stool base for them to decorate. I have had my own outside that they always fought to sit on because they loved how comfy and small it was, so Lolo decided to make them all one for themselves. Each of them made theirs very unique! Mina painted a beautiful sunset ombrè, Anica painted hearts on hers, Dejan and Hanna had a similar idea painting theirs with as many bright colours as they could find and Ronik and Scarlett made their own pictures, inspired by the other kids painting jobs. While we were all painting, Mina curiously asked: "Why does Lolo work every day?" and I told her that it's because he likes working and getting stuff done. They all agreed and continued to chatter on about how he should take breaks.


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