Vegetables Absorb Water

By Jennifer McCrimmon, Dayhome Program Educator

We got some cups, water and water colour ready yesterday. We set up an experiment, to see celery absorbing water. The food colouring in the water will help us see the water that has been absorbed.

Aniela gets all the colours ready and then puts our celery into each glass. We will have to be patient and see what happens tomorrow.

When Aniela gets here, we look at the celery and right away we can see that water has been absorbed. The celery with the red colour in it, has colourful red leaves. Aniela is surprised at how colourful it has become. This celery has absorbed the most colour.

The purple water has been absorbed, but it’s not a purple colour we can see in the celery. It is red in spots and more blue in others (a little hard to see in the picture).

The green colour is harder to see, as the celery starts off green. But we can see some darker spots of green, which we guess is because of the water.

The celery in the blue water has lots of colour on the leaves. 

Each celery absorbed some water and it was neat to see the leaves change colour. How cool that we can see the water travel through the celery!

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