The Difference

Why choose us?

Focus on Child Development

We are passionate about what we do and stay up to date on the latest research on child development by attending conferences and webinars locally and Internationally.

Quality Enhancement

 We hold in-home quality enhancement visits, including playspace inspiration and creation, programming visit, how to engage children in play, provocation bags, documentation, travel library bags and resource bags.

Flight Framework

Guided by Play, Participation and Possibilities - We follow Alberta's Early Learning and Care Framework (Flight).

Natural Childcare Setting

We encourage a natural child care setting where children can use their imaginations.

Positive Discipline

We believe in Positive Discipline which focuses on the positive points of behaviour. It is actively helping children learn how to handle situations appropriately while remaining calm and respectful.


We hold several workshops where parents and providers are welcome to join. Past topics include: Positive discipline. Open-ended play, Brain development, Introducing Reggio, How to promote early literacy in 5 simple steps and Shared art making. See our upcoming workshops.

Backup Child Care

In situations where your provider is unavailable, we will help arrange backup care arrangements with another dayhome provider with our agency.

Educated Staff

Our staff is well educated and open to new ideas, with many holding Masters and Bachelors. Meet the Team.

Outdoor Play

We believe that playing outdoors every day in all kinds of weather helps children create the habits they will need to lead a healthy and active life.


Having been in business for over 25 years, we are a professionally-run agency with many ties to our community.

Find a Dayhome

To find a dayhome in your area, please call us at 780-444-2288 or fill out our online inquiry form. We will refer you to all the dayhomes that have available space by phone or email.