Ant Farms

By Dianna M, Dayhome Program Educator

Yesterday while at Canadian Tire, I found an ant farm! For years Eliza and her friends have been obsessed with ants, so this was a pretty easy purchase. Thankfully Nick was able to help Eliza and Quinn get it together this morning before they raced outside to look for ants!

Everyone was super excited to meet Stephanie. She has a contagious energy that the girls were super attracted to! They couldn't wait to show her all of their cool tricks and find lots of bugs with her. Stephanie said she really loved how even though some of the girls were nervous about the bugs (Eliza and Quinn), they were still open to learning about them and even touching them and holding them carefully. 

They spoke about how one big ant and one small one may or may not be acting friendly to one another....and eventually decided we should let those two go just in case they didn't like each other. 

Emma also wondered if the bigger ant could talk to the other ant and Eliza mentioned that yes, they use their antenna to talk to each other:) They found loads of worms, night crawlers, centipedes, spiders, skinny bugs, ants and a grub. Everyone took time to investigate the ant farm and observe their movements :)

Learning Tags:

-Children build respectful and responsive relationships

-Children develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world

-I/we are wondering and curious

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