Dirty Mitten Soup

By Dianna, Dayhome Program Educator

Who on here knows what a boiled dinner is??? Well I created a fun game this morning that was a sensory experience/imaginative play/story/recipe/taking care of our surroundings/laughing silly/questioning activity......and what were we doing and why?? We made dirty mitten soup! *The first picture explains why it happens (from morning to afternoon Muddy potions are the rage however cold fingers happen and many mittens are discarded throughout the day and yard we have an abundance because of this) *It is not safe to wash these Muddy mitts directly in my washing machine as there is just too much dirt caked to them and over time will wreak havoc on my plumbing and washing machine. *Today I collected the “dirty mitts” but put them in hot soapy water and waited for the children to notice, it didn’t take long and I had lots of helpers. *We changed the water 4 times before reaching the desired colour/taste lol *Much like changing the water for a boiled dinner so it isn’t too salty, we also made sure to mix and “boil” before changing the water. *In the end nobody was going to try my soup until I pretended to cry, and reminded them of all the mud pie and Muddy coffee I’ve been consuming :)



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