Friday After Nap Routine

By Geraldine, Dayhome Program Educator

Laundry practices and training for kids.

Teaching kids to put their blankets in the washer inside.

Young children love to open and close machine doors, put clothes in the washer or pull them out of the dryer, help you pour the soap (hand over hand), and twist knobs and push buttons on the machine.

“Even the littlest children are anxious to do something and are more anxious to exert themselves than those who are older. A good teacher will therefore look for some way in which even the tiniest child can be of help.”

Laundry is a universal, never-ending task, which makes it a great opportunity for your child to help. You can teach laundry skills in a variety of ways, from pouring soap and opening/closing the washer and dryer doors, to sorting, carrying, and putting clothes away.

Show your kids these healthy laundry habits. Start when they are young and eager to help and add responsibility as they grow.

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