Frequently Asked Questions

All families who register are given a printed copy of our Parent Handbook which has information on our program philosophy, policies and guidelines.


What is an approved dayhome?

Approved Family Dayhomes are Government and Agency regulated. Dayhomes provide a safe and nurturing home environment that allows children to explore and interact with the world around them at their own pace. Our dayhome educators are dedicated to encouraging, guiding and supporting each child's individual needs and interests. The carefully set child/adult ratios and standards in Dayhomes make this possible. For more information, see the Dayhome Standards Manual.

How much will it cost?

Our dayhome educators set their own rates,  therefore the cost can vary according to their experience and education. As of January, 2022, child care fees will decrease thanks to government affordability grants as well as childcare subsidy for families earning less than $180,000. Click here to see the affordability chart. Subtract the grant amount and subsidy amount from the educator's fee. The average educator fees are:

Full Time: $1158-$1358/month
Part Time: $62-$82/day
School Age: $600-$800/mo

In situations where you require assistance with child care fees, please visit Alberta Supports for information on provincial social-based assistance programs and services offered by the Government of Alberta.

Can I get subsidy?

Since we are a government-contracted agency, you may be eligible to get child care subsidy if your family income is less than $180,000 per year. The Child Care Subsidy Program assists families with childcare costs for their children to attend a regulated child care program. To see if you qualify, click on the "Estimate your Subsidy" button on the Alberta Human Services website and find out your approximate amount of subsidy using the online estimator. Please see our Subsidy page for more information.

How do I find a dayhome?

1. Call our agency or fill out our online inquiry form. We will give you a list of available dayhomes in your area.

2. Call each Dayhome Educator and let them know you were referred by the Agency and explain your childcare needs (i.e. full time or part time, the number of kids, their ages, etc.). Find out more about the dayhome, such as the rates, hours, children currently in care, etc. Next, schedule a time to meet with each Provider at their home. This is where you will conduct your "interview" to see if it would be a good fit. It is a good idea to visit more than one dayhome. It is important that the Dayhome Educator and your child meet before the registration takes place.

3. Once you have made your decision (and the Dayhome Educator has also agreed), call or email the agency. A consultant will email you our online registration form. 

4. To register you will need:

-A void check or banking information to set up automatic withdrawal
-There is a non-refundable one time family registration fee of $100 (paid by cash, credit or debit)
-If starting in the middle of the month, your monthly fee paid by cash, debit or credit.
-If you are applying for subsidy, a valid Alberta drivers' license or Alberta ID card (for both parents if joint application needs to be submitted). You will also need your most recent tax information (we will need Line 150, which shows your total income).

5. Once you are registered, you can bring your child(ren) to the dayhome starting on your contracted start date. Our agency will handle the monthly administration. You will look forward to receiving learning stories, pictures and/or videos from the StoryPark app, our monthly newsletter by email filled with parenting tips, upcoming workshops available to parents and providers, community events, and more. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please contact our agency. We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service.

How soon do I need to start looking?

You can inquire at any time and we will put you on a callback list. The highest success rates for placements are within 3 months of the date care is required. Your information will still be entered into our system and we will contact you should anything become available.

I work shiftwork / evenings / weekends. Do you accommodate these types of schedules?

Dayhome hours are set by each dayhome educator. We do have educators that accommodate shift work/evenings/weekends. When you call in, we will do our best to refer a dayhome to meet your needs.