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What is the Child Care Subsidy Program?

It's a program that assists families with childcare costs for their pre-school and school age children attending regulated child care programs such as family day home programs overseen by a licensed agency.

You will qualify for full or partial Child Care Subsidy if your family income is below $180,000 and you need childcare for the following reasons:

  • You are working and or looking for work
  • You are attending school or a training program
  • You or your child have a special need

What are the income thresholds and subsidy amounts for full time care?

The following amounts are for children zero to Kindergarten age that use childcare 100+ hours per month:

Family Income and subsidy amount:

$0 to $119,999              - $266 
$120,000 to $124,999   - $253
$125,000 to $129,999   - $239
$130,000 to $134,999   - $226
$135,000 to $139,999   - $213
$140,000 to $144,999   - $200
$145,000 to $149,999   - $186
$150,000 to $154,999   - $173
$155,000 to $159,999   - $160
$160,000 to $164,999   - $146
$165,000 to $169,999   - $133
$170,000 to $174,999   - $120
$175,000 to $179,999   - $106

What are the subsidy amounts for part time care?

Part time rates are prorated based on hours (80 hours = 80% of the full time rate)

What do I need to apply for subsidy?

  • Valid Alberta drivers' license or Alberta ID card
  • Line 150 (total income) from your most recent notice of assessment
  • SIN number

What if I am already getting subsidy from a different dayhome agency or daycare?

If you want to switch to our agency from another daycare or a different day home agency, it is as simple as changing the name of the program on the online Change of Information form. After completing the Change of Information Form, please provide the confirmation page that contains the EDMI number and your Subsidy Approval Letter and we will take care of the rest! 

Emergency Child Care for Ukraine Nationals

Emergency child care subsidies and supports are in place to help Ukraine National families settle in Alberta, effective June 1, 2022. 

Click here for all information regarding this emergency child care subsidy program for Ukrainians.

Visit the Support for Ukraine website at for access to the Emergency Child Care Subsidy application form.

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For other questions please contact the Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992.