About Us

What we Do

Child Development Dayhomes of Alberta is a family dayhome agency that recruits, approves, trains, supports and monitors family dayhomes in Fort McMurray. We are a licensed Dayhome Agency and have strict guidelines that help our dayhome educators offer the best childcare possible. 

Child Development Dayhomes is committed to high quality standards so your child's development can be optimized through quality activities and best practices. See our most recent Accreditation Feedback Report.

Our mission is to offer "peace of mind" to parents while they are away from their children. We have been providing quality childcare to families and dayhome educators for over 20 years. Our staff’s experience is passed along to each and every dayhome educator through ongoing monthly support, training and programs.

We believe children are capable leaders in their own learning. Our practice is guided by the Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework "Flight".

Why Choose Us

  • Unannounced monthly visits from our childcare consultants
  • Background checks on all our dayhome providers and household members
  • All our dayhome educators have their first aid/CPR certificate
  • Home-based programs based on children's interests
  • Workshops for dayhome educators, parents and children
  • Strong focus on nutrition based on the Canada Food Guide
  • Playroom consultations and "makeovers"
  • Daily outdoor activities
  • We use state-of-the-art software to log hours (www.timesavr.net)
  • Strong social media presence with excellent resources 
  • We are passionate about early learning and child care
  • Dayhome educators have access to the Family Childcare Training Home Study Program
  • Dayhome educators get individual training plans and goal setting
  • Strong customer service

Find a Dayhome

Call our office at 780-715-1166 or fill out our short inquiry form and we will email you a list of available dayhomes in your area. We will follow up with you on a monthly basis until you find childcare.

Become an Educator

Thinking of opening your own dayhome with our agency? We value the work our dayhome educators do in the field of early learning and childcare. The first step is to fill out our online application form.