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Welcome to Quality Licensed Childcare!


We are accepting applications for Dayhome Educators to join our agency. Early childhood educators, private dayhome providers and stay-at-home parents are welcome to apply!

We help you start, run and grow a successful childcare business. 

Stay home with your own children and become a dayhome educator with the most trusted dayhome system in Alberta. We appreciate the work our educators do in the field of early learning. There are many advantages to working with Child Development Dayhomes.

First, we work together with you to place children in your dayhome. Secondly, you’re set up with a tried and true system that provides you with ongoing support, inexpensive dayhome insurance, government incentives and a rewarding income.

Child Development Dayhomes will have your new Dayhome up and running in no time. 

Some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • $2,000,000 liability insurance coverage for each child
  • Financial aspects handled (collecting payments from families, claiming educator support funding from the government, etc.)
  • Government child care subsidy for families who qualify
  • Families will benefit from the Federal-Provincial Child Care Agreement (lowered child care fees for families, eventually leading to $10/day)
  • We refer families to your dayhome through advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Kijiji, etc.
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated child care consultant to guide and mentor you
  • By working through our licensed agency, you are eligible to receive a wage top up based on your certification (up to a max. of 181 hours per month):
  • ECE Level 1 - $2.64/hour
  • ECE Level 2 - $5.05/hour
  • ECE Level 3 - $8.62/hour 
  • Infant care incentive of $150/mo for children 18 months and under
  • Basecorp Childcare Orientation Course (online) - Once completed, you will qualify for the level 1 wage top up.
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • 24 hour emergency phone line
  • Playroom consultations and makeovers
  • Peace of mind for families that their children are in a licensed and monitored dayhome


What are the requirements?

We require a Security Clearance, Vulnerable Sector Check and Child Intervention Check for everyone in the home that is 18 years or older. All educators are required to have a current Child/Infant CPR First Aid Certificate. You can still apply to become a dayhome program educator prior to completing your security clearance and intervention checks. You will need to get them before your approval process.

Do I need an education to become a dayhome educator?

It is an asset if you have your Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Level 1, 2 or 3. We will still consider applicants who do not have any childcare certifications. If you do become a dayhome program educator through our agency, you are required to complete your Level 1 course. This can be completed through in-home study in the comfort of your own home. 

Can I have pets?

Yes, they are a great addition to the home! Pet vaccines must be current and the litterbox, food and water must be inaccessible to the children.

Can I drive with the children?

Yes, but it is mandatory that all educators who transport children during dayhome hours in any vehicle (including taxi cab) attend a Child Safety Seat Information Session. If an educator's spouse is the one transporting, they must complete this training as well.

Does my home need to look like a daycare?

No, you do not need the same equipment in your home or require that your space looks like a daycare. Your environment should be responsive to both your family and the children's needs.

Can I pick my own families?

When choosing families, the decision is yours, not the agency. Educators set their own fees, hours and choose their families. We want our educators to choose a family who is a good fit based on their values in child care.

How much will it cost?

We do not charge a fee to become a dayhome program educator with our agency. You will be responsible for the cost of the criminal background check and First Aid/CPR course. You will also be responsible for costs associated with running your dayhome (i.e. developing your  play space, food/drink for the children, etc.). Since you are running your own business, many of these costs are tax-deductible.

How many children can I care for and what are the ratios?

You can have up to six children (aged 12 and under) not including your own children. You can have two children under the age of 2 or three children under the age of 3 (your own children count in this ratio.)

Can I run my dayhome if I rent my home?

Yes, however you must first get permission from your landlord.

Can my friend/husband/sister/daughter etc. run my dayhome with me?

Only one person can be contracted with the agency. Your friend/husband/sister/daughter, etc. can apply to become a back-up educator for situations where you are unable to care for the children. To become a back-up educator, they must get a Criminal Background Check, Child Intervention Check, First Aid/CPR and must provide 3 references.

How do I get started?

The first step is to apply by filling out our online application form


Looking for a licensed dayhome in High Level?

We offer quality child care in High Level. That regulated stamp of approval from Child Development Dayhomes provides peace of mind that your children are in safe hands in a monitored and licensed family dayhome. 


  • Care for infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children
  • Full time, part time, drop in, before/after school care, extended hours
  • Communication of learning via photos, video, audio and observations through the StoryPark app
  • Two meals and two snacks per day based on Canada's Food Guides
  • Lower child to educator ratio compared to daycares and unlicensed dayhomes
  • Daily schedule and routines (flexible to your child's needs)
  • Daily outdoor learning (weather permitting)
  • TV/Screen time policy of 30 minutes or less per day (under 2 have no screen time)
  • Play based on children's interests
  • Learning through play
  • High safety standards
  • A home away from home - Loving and nurturing
  • Professionalism and continuous educator training
  • Guided by Play, Participation and Possibilities
  • Child care subsidy is available for families earning $180,000 or less
  • Lower child care fees as of 2022 (Provincial -Federal Child Care Agreement)

For a list of available dayhomes, please complete our online inquiry form. You can also contact us at 780-444-2288 or email iccphighlevel@ssdcs.ca.